Let's get some god damn definitions!

Web, mail and proxy servers!

A web server is a server that is hosted by an external provider, or maybe even yourself for the purpose of serving a web page.

A mail server is a server that utilitizes SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) and IMAP / POP3 to send and recieve emails

A proxy server is a server that is a copy of the original site


A router is a box that redirects packets to their end destination

(that includes your packets going to this site)

Browsers and email software

A browser is a HTML interpreter. It is how you'd access pages on the interwebz

Email software is what is used to access an email server. Are you stupid or something?


TCP/IP is thow we access the internet. IP stands for Internet Protocol and TCP stands for Transmission Communication Protocol. These two protocols are combined to serve a web page on the internet

TCP/IP is defined by Search Networking as a suite of protocols. This means that there is actually multiple protocols used to dipslpay websites. In TCP/IP this is modelled in layers

These layers can include Application (the browser) & Transport (the way the data is transferred) as well as a few others.


HTTPS is the protocol for HyperText documents. This is how ANY web browser will communicate web data.

SMTP is the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It is how mail is sent on the interwebz